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Publications (Selected)


Zhou J, Wang H, Shu T, Wang J, Yang W, Li J, Ding L, Liu M, Sun H, Wong J, Lai PB, Tsang SW, Ward SE, Chow KL, Sung JJ, Sze-Lok Cheng A. Myeloid-intrinsic cell cycle-related kinase drives immunosuppression to promote tumorigenesis. iScience. 2023 Aug 12.

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Tang J, Cai Y, Liang J, Tan Z, Tang X, Zhang C, Cheng L, Zhou J, Wang H, Yam WC, Chen X, Wang H, Chen Z. In vivo electroporation of a codon-optimized BER(opt) DNA vaccine protects mice from pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosol challenge. Tuberculosis. 2018. Dec; 113: 65-75.

Zhou J, Liu M, Sun H, Feng Y, Xu L, Chan AWH, Tong JH, Wong J, Chong CCN, Lai PBS, Wang HK, Tsang SW, Goodwin T, Liu R, Huang L, Chen Z, Sung JJ, Chow KL, To KF, Cheng AS. Hepatoma-intrinsic CCRK inhibition diminishes myeloid-derived suppressor cell immunosuppression and enhances immune-checkpoint blockade efficacy. Gut. 2018 May; 67:931-944.

Mok M, Zhou J, Tang W, Zeng X, Oliver AW, Ward SE, Cheng AS. CCRK is a novel signalling hub exploitable in cancer immunotherapy. Pharmacol Ther. 2018 Mar; 186:138-151.

# Publications as corresponding/co-corresponding author

*  Publications as first/co-first author

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