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Research Theme

Lipid Metabolism

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Immunotherapy Resistance


Cancer Metastasis

Ongoing Projects

Myeloid cells in metastasis-prone liver microenvironment

As the major cell type accumulated in the liver, myeloid cells play a key role in  promoting cancer metastasis. Due to the plasticity and heterogenicity, how to effectively and specifically targeting myeloid cells in liver microenvironment remains  underestimated. Thus, we would like to delineate the molecular features and functional significance of myeloid cell subsets in the metastasis-prone liver microenvironment, aiming at identifying myeloid-cell targeting therapies in the prevention and treatment for metastasis liver cancers. 

Metabolic regulations of

hepatic T cells



The differentiation and function of T cells are reported to be controlled by different metabolic pathways. The liver is the central organ for fatty acid metabolism and dysregulations in lipid metabolism contribute to the development of chronic liver diseases and liver cancers. We would like to understand how these lipid metabolic pathways regulate hepatic T cell differentiation and functions to support cancer immune escape.


The nervous system has been well-documented in regulating immune responses in homeostasis and different diseases, including cancer. We would like to explore the potential functions of the nerve system on tumor progression and metastasis, and their immune regulatory mechanisms.

Neuro-immune axis in gastrointestinal cancers

Research Platform

Research Tools

Different Cell Lines

In vivo image [2]

Various Mouse Models [1]


Clinical Specimens


Clinical Pathological Data Analysis
e.g., KM Survival Analysis and Meta-analysis)

State-to-art Research Technologies

Cell Visualization

Multicolor immunofluorescence staining


Confocal Microscopy

Light Sheet Microscopy

Cell Clustering

Multicolor Flow Cytometry [3]
(with BD FACSymphony™ A5)

Bulk RNA Sequence 

Single Cell RNA Sequence [4] 

Spatial Transcriptomics


Mouse Model


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